Executive Committee








Ellis Pickett, Chairman

Surfrider Foundation’s presence in Texas was largely created through the tireless efforts of Ellis.  A member since the 1980s, he founded the first chapter in Texas and has served as the Texas Chapters’ citizen lobbyist since 1999.  His own involvement was ignited by a set of projects proposed in response to erosion caused by Tropical Storm Francis: an 18-mile breakwater off Galveston and a one-mile breakwater off Surfside Beach.  With no experience as an activist or lobbyist, his interest in stewardship and conservation led him to organize and advocate protecting what he loved. Ellis’s work has evolved and resulted in some of the most important legislative actions protecting beach access and shorelines in Texas.  His legacy continues today in the five chapters in Texas that work together to protect the coast and coastal access statewide.








John Lumley, Vice Chairman

Born in California but relocated to Texas in the 1970’s, John has been active in the chapter, since day 1.  Surfing has allowed him to travel to California, Grand Cayman, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and the Maldives in search of waves and cultural experiences.  He is the father of triplets, Madeline, Luke and Mackenzie, and a graduate of the Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston.


pamela picture







Pamela Walters, Secretary

Pamela grew up in California and has had a love for the ocean since an early age (even her Barbie dolls had homemade surfboards).  Pismo Beach, Santa Cruz, Sunset Beach and Natural Bridges were among her favorite places to visit during her childhood.   Her mother wanted to come back to Texas and the family moved to Houston in 1979.  Her family is from Florida and the Cayman Islands, so the ocean is definitely in her blood!  Pamela first discovered her love for Surfside Beach during the mid-80’s when she would go with her friends from high school.  She has been involved with the Texas Upper Coast chapter since 1999 and has organized most of the events and fundraisers since that time – from beach cleanups, fundraisers and seminars to speaking engagements at local schools.  Organization and getting things done are her strong suits and she loves meeting and working with other ocean-minded people.  When she is not working on Surfrider tasks, she spends time at the beach, working on projects around her house and spending time with her son, Hunter (who is now 18 and has also been involved with Surfrider since he was about 3 years old!).  If you see a white Wrangler around town with Surfrider logos on the front doors, that is Pamela – so feel free to honk and wave if you see her!











T.J. Griffith, Treasurer

T.J. has been active in the chapter for over 15 years and surfing the Texas coast even longer.  You can often find him helping out at surf camps for the visual and mentally impaired, pictured above.










Christina McRoberts – At-Large

Christina McRoberts has been going to the beach even before she took her first steps. Possessing a true interest in coastal and oceanic life; she has always felt predestined to direct her time towards preserving the environment.  Self motivated, she decided to become more involved and informed herself on the network of non-profit dedicated to the environment. She volunteered at a adopt beach clean up at Crystal Beach in 2008, however learned about The Surfrider Foundation after a trip to San Diego. She is excited about taking on this new chapter in life.